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Threads is set to get three new essential features this week

Threads is set to get three new essential features this week


Meta announced Threads to rival X (formerly Twitter) and in order to do so, the company launched it in a pretty bare-bone state with basic features missing from the platform. Now, the company has started adding those missing features and recently Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced three new features on his official thread, then the platform will receive this week.
Threads is getting new features
According to the post, Threads will receive three new, but basic features
Directly share a post to your Instagram DMs
Custom alt-text for photo/video
New mention button to easily mention someone’s account in your thread
Direct post sharing to Instagram DMs
This feature, as the name implies, will allow users to directly share their threads or someone else’s thread directly on Instagram DMs. The platform already lets users share threads as Stories on Instagram and adding this feature will make the integration much better and seamless.
Custom alt-text for photo/video
Custom alt-text support is one of the basic accessibility features that Threads should have got since the beginning. However, it is finally arriving and users can, once it is available, provide alt-text in their photos and videos.
New mention button
New mention button will allow users to quickly mark someone in their thread. This feature should have been there since the beginning.
Rollout details
Mark Zuckerberg has mentioned that these new features will arrive on Threads this week.
Web app coming soon
Mark Zuckerberg has already confirmed working on the web version of Threads. Along with this, the advanced search feature is also set to arrive on the platform soon.
In addition to this, the platform has recently received rich preview support for iMessage and the much-requested chronological feed.

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