Home Technology Google Chrome: Google makes Chrome for Android as good as it is on iPhone

Google Chrome: Google makes Chrome for Android as good as it is on iPhone

Google Chrome: Google makes Chrome for Android as good as it is on iPhone


Chrome belongs to Google and so does Android and when the same company makes both, it is obvious to assume that both work better with each other. Apparently, that’s not the case here. According to Google’s official blog, Google Chrome is far smoother on iOS than on Android. In fact, Chrome on iOS and iPadOS offer way better scrolling than its Android counterpart.
Surprisingly, there are several cases where Google’s own apps run better on iOS and even receive updates faster than before on Android. That said, Google is set to rectify Chrome’s scrolling lag on Android and make it almost as smooth as the iOS version.
Google has found a solution to improve Chrome’s scrolling speed on Android
In the official Chromium blog post, Google went a little technical to explain the entire system. But, in simple words, Google has a different approach for Chrome on Android in how it handles the input events.
With faster refresh rate supports on Android devices, the input lag or scrolling jitter on Chrome became more apparent. Several developers moved to buffered input events to solve this problem. However, Chrome can’t switch to this as it requires real-time unbuffered input events as soon as possible.
Google apparently has found a solution to this issue with a new API that allows Chrome to sample input touches at a nanosecond interval compared to the older technique that used to record touches at the millisecond level.
Google has mentioned that the limitation was with the older Java-based method used by the web browser. Using the new method, Google has claimed that Chrome’s scrolling speed has increased almost two times than before and it will now offer a smoother scrolling experience on Android. The company has also posted a slow-motion video demonstrating the same.
Now, all this will be available with Android 14 operating system. Although, there’s still time before OEMs and Google start rolling out Android 14 to their devices, it is sure that the update will bring at least a smoother Chrome experience if nothing else.

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