“You Can’t Just Say…”: Jasprit Bumrah On ODI World Cup Final Heartbreak

Team India’s defeat in the ODI World Cup 2023 final to Australia hurt every single citizen of the country. The team, understandably, was shattered considering it hadn’t incurred a single defeat until the summit clash. Many cricketers took days to even share their reactions to the result on social media. Jasprit Bumrah, one of the pillars of the team, finally opened up on the heartbreak, saying the defeat hurt, and it should, as India were on a formidable run in the home World Cup.

“I was at home, we’d won every game … you can’t just say it’s part of the game. It hurt. And it should hurt; we worked very hard, played good cricket. It’s not ideal but that’s the job, you have to move on … in six months there’s another [T20] World Cup. Some days, the big days, it’s meant to be and it will happen. You can’t get to the final if you’re not that good. It did hurt for a few days,” Bumrah said in an interview with The Guardian.

Right after the final, Bumrah was seen trying to lift the spirits of teammates as some broke down in tears. Even in that adversity, Bumrah had a smile on his face as he tried to look ahead.

“That is all self-taught,” Bumrah explained in the interview. “As a fast bowler who learned through watching television, I thought that you had to get angry, you had to have a word with the batsman … and when I started playing junior cricket, I was that guy.

“But in trying to do those antics, I realised that’s not me, that’s not helping me focus on the job in hand. I had to channel my anger because I am a fast bowler, I do get angry. I don’t want to get hit; I’m not here to entertain or give throwdowns, I want wickets, I am here to make you uncomfortable. But I don’t want to lose my shape or my zone.”

The senior pacer now has the task of not just leading the Indian seam attack against England in the 5-match Test series but also work as skipper Rohit Sharma’s deputy.

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