X banned over 3 lakh accounts in India, here’s why

X banning users’ accounts has been in the news several times, some for good reasons, some for random reasons. This time around, X Corp, the company led by Elon Musk has banned over 3 lakh accounts in India. To be exact, the company has banned 3,33,036 accounts in the country between October 26 and November 25.
This is not it, recently appointed CEO, Linda Yaccarino has also banned 2,233 more accounts this month.
Why these accounts have been banned
Reuters has reported that the account ban comes as a part of company’s policy voilation and these accounts were banned for promoting child sexual explitation and non-consensual nudity.
Apart from that the 2,233 accounts were banned for promoting terrorism on the platform in the country. Overall, X has banned around 3,35,269 accounts during the reported period.
The ban wave comes as a part of X’s compliance with new IT Rules 2021. And if you are unaware, the new IT Rules 2021 mandate that major digital and social media platforms with over 5 million users publish monthly compliance reports.
X released a monthly report, revealing a total of 1,062 complaints from users in India during this time frame. Out of these 52 grievances were processed and were related to appealing account suspensions. The company said that they overturned one account suspension after reviewing it. However, the rest of the accounts will remain suspended.
The report also mentions that most of the complaints from India centered around hateful conduct (556), followed by abuse/harassment (273), sensitive adult content (122), and impersonation (52).
History of X account bans
August 26 – September 25
Banned 557,764 accounts in India.
Removed 1,675 accounts for promoting terrorism.
September 26 – October 25
Banned 234,584 accounts in India.
Removed 2,755 accounts for promoting terrorism.

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