WWE: The Rock Reveals Bizarre ‘Naked’ Condition For Wrestling John Cena After Oscars Act

John Cena dominated headlines after appearing seemingly ‘naked’ at the Oscars 2024 ceremony and the incident went viral on social media. Cena also shared a moment with fellow WWE wrestler The Rock at the Oscars and the picture of their meeting prompted a huge conversation surrounding a possible match between the two legends in the near future. During a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Rock was asked about the wasted opportunity for a WrestleMania 40 promotion but he was quick to point out that he does not want to fight a half-naked Cena.

The Rock quipped that he needs Cena to be “fully naked” before attacking him but quickly suggested that it was a statement made in jest.

Here’s a look at the full conversation between The Rock and host Jimmy Kimmel –

The Rock: Right, a half-naked John Cena isn’t the guy who I want to attack [laughs].

Jimmy Kimmel: You want him fully naked?

The Rock: [Laughs] I need him fully naked before I attack him [laughs]. That was his joke, by the way.

Jimmy Kimmel: I wasn’t kidding.

Cena walked on to the stage at the 96th Academy Awards and highlighted the importance of costumes in films. He prompted cheers and laughter from the audience (read Margot Robbie) as he walked on the stage partially naked. It so happened that John Cena joined host Jimmy Kimmel on the Oscars stage to present the award for Best Costume Design.

The iconic moment was preceded by Jimmy Kimmel asking the Oscars audience “Can you imagine if a nude man ran across the stage today? Wouldn’t that be crazy,” just when John Cena was seen popping his head out from the corner of the stage.

Jimmy Kimmel was quick to add, “I changed my mind. I don’t want to do the streaker bit. I just don’t feel right about it. It’s an elegant event, you know, you should feel shame right now for suggesting such a tasteless joke.”

To this John Cena hilariously responded, “The male body is not a joke,” while appearing on stage with a strategically placed oversized envelope.

He emphasized ‚ÄúCostumes, they are so important. Maybe the most important thing there is,” prompting another roar of laughter from the audience.

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