Home Education Two NEET aspirants in Kota commit suicide after exams

Two NEET aspirants in Kota commit suicide after exams

Two NEET aspirants in Kota commit suicide after exams


NEW DELHI: In Rajasthan’s Kota two NEET aspirants died by suicide shortly after taking NEET test this Sunday. The victims were identified as 18-year-old Avishkar Shambaji Kasle and a second-year student, Adarsh Raj.
Avishkar’s unfortunate demise occurred as he jumped from the sixth floor of a coaching institute, mere minutes after completing an exam around 3:15 pm. Despite being rushed to a hospital, his life couldn’t be saved, as captured by CCTV footage installed on the premises.
Tragically, a few hours later, another young life was lost when Adarsh Raj, hailing from Bihar, was found hanging in his rented flat around 7 pm. It was believed that the spectre of obtaining low marks in the test drove him to take this extreme step.
These heart-wrenching events shed light on the mounting pressures faced by students striving for success in these competitive examinations.
Avishkar, a Class 12 student from Maharashtra’s Latur district, had been preparing for NEET UG for three years. He was residing with his maternal grandparents in the Talwandi area. Similarly, Adarsh Raj’s fate, a native of Bihar, was sealed by the test’s outcome, which pushed him to end his life.
In response to the distressing trend of student suicides in Kota, the district administration intervened by imposing a two-month suspension on tests and examinations at coaching centres.
The state’s concern over this disheartening issue is palpable, as Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot established a committee to investigate the surge in student suicides. Citing data from the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), Gehlot underscored the gravity of the situation. He noted that over 13,000 students died by suicide in 2021 alone, signalling a problem that requires collective efforts for resolution.
While grappling with the loss of young lives, the episode also highlights the immense pressure students encounter due to competitive coaching. Gehlot criticized the practice of enrolling students from classes 9 and 10 in these institutes, asserting that it adds an unnecessary burden, especially when they’re also preparing for board exams.

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