Textile Technology dept at NIT Jalandhar gets grant of Rs 10 crore from Ministry of Textiles

JALANDHAR: Department of Textile Technology of National Institute of Technology (NIT) Jalandhar has been awarded a substantial grant of 10 crore rupees by the Ministry of Textile, government of India under the scheme of National Technical Textile Mission. This grant marks a pivotal moment for the departmental research and development endeavors in the technical textiles area.
Dr Vinay Midha and Dr A Mukhopadhyay, coordinators of the project informed that the National Technical Textile Mission was an initiative to promote technical textiles and boost innovation in the technical textile sector at the Department of Textile Technology. “The grant is intended to facilitate cutting-edge research, foster technological advancements, and nurture talent in the domain of technical textiles. The funds will be used to set up state-of-the-art research facilities, enhance laboratory infrastructure, and support collaborative projects addressing critical technical textile challenges of the industries,” they said.
The department envisions that this financial boost will enable them to explore new frontiers, develop innovative materials, and contribute significantly to the growth of the sector. Department of Textile Technology is the only department at NIT Jalandhar offering Textile programs among 31 NITs. The department is involved in the research on various areas of Technical Textiles especially sport textiles, protective textiles, geotextiles, industrial textiles, medical textiles.
Dr Monica Sikka, Head of the Department told that this synergy between the Ministry of Textile and the Department of Textile Technology, NIT Jalandhar, was poised to yield transformative results.

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