Tesla CEO Elon Musk plans these two ‘big changes’ for X

Since its takeover in 2022, Elon Musk has made several changes (including its name) to the popular microblogging site, Twitter (now X). The billionaire is now planning to introduce some more changes to the social media platform.
According to a report by news agency Reuters, Elon Musk wants X to stop showing the number of likes and reposts on users’ feeds. He explained that this information can clutter content on the platform.
However, the number of views on each post, which was added after Musk acquired the company, is expected to remain on the timeline. Also, the number of likes and reposts will also be visible to users once they click on the post.

What X users have to say about the proposed change

X users don’t seem to be happy with the decision. A user slammed the decision, saying this is “excessively stupid” and will “greatly reduce engagement”.
Another X user noted: “This will cause less engagement as people tend to engage with posts they can see are having a big amount of likes.”

Meanwhile, another user claimed that “this would be excessively stupid and greatly reduce engagement and not actually accomplish anything positive.”
On the other hand, another user suggested Musk add “a dislike button” on the social media platform.

Other changes expected to arrive on X

Earlier in February, Musk announced that X users will soon have the feature that will allow followers to see pinned posts. In a post, Musk said that the feature would allow one pinned post every 48 hours.
“A change is coming to our recommendation algorithm that will ensure that all your followers see your pinned posts,” the billionaire wrote in the post.
While speaking at the recent Morgan Stanley technology, media and telecom conference, Musk said X is also planning to add payment gateway features. He added that the company is a few months away from receiving approval for a money transmitter license in New York.
This approval will allow X to add money features to the app. Receiving the licenses in each US state will be a step toward developing those features.

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