Home Technology Smartphones, smart devices steering India’s digital economy in the last decade: Study

Smartphones, smart devices steering India’s digital economy in the last decade: Study

Smartphones, smart devices steering India’s digital economy in the last decade: Study


Over the past decade, The availability of value-for-money smartphones and smart devices has empowered Indian consumers to engage with the growing digital economy of India over the past decade. While doing so, they have also benefited from the latest technological advancements at affordable price points. According to a study conducted by CyberMedia Research (CMR), the rise of affordable smartphones has, over the past five years, translated to a significant uptick in digital payments (88%), content creation/consumption (80%) and gaming (70%) in India.

How different brands have helped this change
As per the study, Xiaomi has maintained a dominant market presence over the past decade in India. 42% of people involved in the study expressed their satisfaction and preference for its products. For another 27% of those surveyed, Xiaomi was their first-ever smartphone, with Samsung (24%) following a close second. As per the survey, 53% of users were satisfied with Xiaomi smartphones and smart devices. 45% of users also said that Xiaomi was their most loved brand among others.

Key highlights of the study

  • Friends and family exert the strongest influence (63%) on users when it comes to buying a smartphone and smart devices.
  • In terms of brand imagery, Samsung is strongly associated with industry leadership (42%), reliability (42%), popularity (42%), long usable life (42%) and feeling great (41%). On the other hand, Xiaomi is strongly associated with feeling great (53%), feeling powerful (46%), reliability (42%), customer centricity (45%), and industry leadership (44%).
  • In smartphone and smart devices, Xiaomi has the highest total awareness (78%) followed by Samsung (75%), However in terms of usage in the last decade, Xiaomi leads (42%) the pack followed by Samsung (36%). Thus, the conversion of awareness of the brand to its usage is maximum in the case of Xiaomi (54%) followed by Samsung (45%).
  • When it comes to smartphone brand awareness, Xiaomi leads in ToM (14%) as well as total recall (79%) closely followed by Samsung (ToM – 13%, Total Recall – 77%). While comparing current primary usage of smartphone brands also, Xiaomi leads (13%) the pack closely followed by Samsung (12%) and Vivo (11%).
  • Users of smartphones and smart devices of Xiaomi and Samsung brands are most satisfied (92%) followed by users of Apple (91%) and Boat (90%).
  • In satisfaction level of smartphones, OnePlus (93%) users are most satisfied followed by Xiaomi (92%) and Apple (91%) users.

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