“Seen Umpires Nurse Hangover During Ranji Trophy, Prefer Whisky On The Rocks”: Just-Retired India Star

The Ranji Trophy has been the building block for all top Indian cricketers. The national level tournament has for decades been the cradle of producing champions who went on to make a name of himself in the international arena. However, is everything going alright in the tournament? According to Manoj Tiwary, who recently retired from Bengal team, he has some issues which he wants to raise with the BCCI. 

According to Tiwary, who has represented India in 12 ODIs and three T20Is, said like players, the umpires officiating in Ranji Trophy and other domestic tournaments should also undergo dope test.  

“I will definitely do it. If a player has to go through dope tests, it should be extended to domestic umpires. Many times I have seen umpires walking out to the middle while still nursing a hangover. The umpires have looked sleepy. How can he function properly in such a situation?” Manoj Tiwary told Indian Express.

“I asked, “Sir kya liye tha kal raat mein? (Sir, what did you drink last night?). The reply was: “I prefer whisky on the rocks.” And they laugh. BCCI should get the hearing and eyesight of every umpire checked before the start of each season.”

Manoj Tiwary had recently said that Ranji Trophy should be scrapped. “Ranji trophy should be scrapped off from the calendar from the next season onwards. So many things going wrong in the tournament. So many things need to looked into in order to save this prestigious tournament which has a rich history. It’s losing its charm and importance. Absolutely frustrated #RanjiTrophy,” he had stated.

He also said that umpiring needs to improve in domestic circuit.

“Umpiring for me is the main concern. With all due respect, but the standard of umpiring is poor in domestic cricket. The BCCI should think about how they can improve umpiring. It is not about one or two seasons but I have been witnessing this for a number of years now. There are big mistakes but there are some childish mistakes as well.” Tiwary said.

The former teammate of MS Dhoni said players are not taking Ranji Trophy seriously after getting IPL contract.

“Yes, players don’t play with seriousness after that (getting an IPL contract). When we started playing domestic cricket, we were told to play with seriousness, be determined, play for the team and aim to be a match-winner. I don’t see that grit and hunger in domestic cricket anymore. Players picked for IPL, they come and play only one way. I’m not saying it’s bad but it’s similar style. Ranji Trophy is the tournament, which can produce cricketers who are ready for Test cricket. IPL can teach a player about ‘intent’ but carelessness also creeps in as players are trying to score off everyball. In Ranji Trophy you have to grind out your runs,” he said.

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