SBI PO Mains 2023 on 5th December: Topic-wise revision tips for the last 3 days

The SBI PO Mains 2024 examination is scheduled on 5th December. It is the final frontier for aspirants aiming to join the esteemed State Bank of India as Probationary Officers. The duration of this 200-mark exam is three hours. The SBI PO Mains exam consists of two sections: Objective and Descriptive. Strategic revision becomes paramount in the last few days to succeed in this highly competitive exam.Here is a topic-wise and day-wise plan for the 3 days leading up to SBI PO Mains 2024.
Topic-wise Tips
The Objective section includes Reasoning & Computer Aptitude, General Economy/ Banking Awareness, English Language and Data Analysis & Interpretation while the Descriptive challenges candidates with English language Letter Writing & Essay. Here are well-thought tips for all these topics.
Reasoning & Computer Aptitude: Revise key topics like puzzles, seating arrangement, syllogism, and coding-decoding for the reasoning section. Ensure a strong grasp of basic computer fundamentals, focusing on topics such as networking, databases, and input-output devices.
General Economy/Banking Awareness: Stay updated with recent financial news, especially related to banking, RBI policies, government schemes, and economic indicators. Make concise notes for quick revision on topics like inflation, fiscal policies, and important committees.
English Language: Work on grammar rules, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. Practice error spotting, sentence correction, and fill-in-the-blank exercises. Additionally, strengthen your understanding of para jumbles and sentence completion.
Data Analysis & Interpretation: Brush up on mathematical concepts including percentage, profit and loss, averages, data interpretation (tables, graphs, pie charts), and time & distance. Practise solving complex DI sets within the given time frame.
English Language (Letter Writing & Essay): For the descriptive section, enhance your essay writing skills by practising diverse topics like socio-economic issues, technology, environment, or governance. Work on structuring your thoughts logically and expressing them coherently. In addition, focus on letter writing formats, practising formal, informal, and official letters.
Day-wise Tips
In the last three days before the SBI PO Mains, candidates need to consolidate knowledge, refine their strategies and act towards boosting confidence. Here is a day-wise plan to do exactly so.
Day 1

  • Allocate time blocks for each section. Devote sufficient time to understand and revise key concepts.
  • Take a full-length mock test to simulate the exam environment. Analyze strengths and weaknesses to adjust your revision strategy accordingly.
  • Identify weaker sections and give them extra attention. Revise concepts, practise questions, and seek clarification if needed.

Day 2

  • Dedicate the day to solving practice sets and previous years’ question papers.
  • Practise solving questions within the allotted time frame for each section. Develop a strategy to maximize efficiency during the exam.
  • Create concise notes summarizing crucial formulas, rules, and concepts for a quick revision.

Day 3:

  • Focus on quick revisions of all sections. Refrain from learning new topics to avoid confusion.
  • Engage in activities that relax your mind, such as meditation, light exercises, or hobbies.
  • Maintaining a calm and confident mindset is crucial for peak performance.

General Tips
Stay Healthy: Ensure adequate sleep, a balanced diet, and stay hydrated. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body.
Avoid Last-minute Cramming: Instead, focus on strengthening your existing knowledge base.
Exam-day Strategy: Plan your exam day in advance. Reach the centre on time, carry essential documents, and stay calm during the exam.

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