Home Education SBI PO 2023: SBI PO interview round begins in a week; 5 tips to ace the Psychometric test and PI

SBI PO 2023: SBI PO interview round begins in a week; 5 tips to ace the Psychometric test and PI

SBI PO 2023: SBI PO interview round begins in a week; 5 tips to ace the Psychometric test and PI


SBI PO 2023: The State Bank of India (SBI) recently released the results for the SBI Probationary Officer (PO) recruitment mains written exam 2023. In addition to the shortlist of selected candidates, the SBI also released the interview dates for conducting of Psychometric Test and Personal Interview rounds, as the next stage of recruitment process.Candidates who have qualified the written exam stage are eligible and have been shortlisted for the third round of assessment.
According to the notice, the Psychometric Test has been scheduled to commence on January 16, 2024. Whereas group exercises and personal interview round is to begin January 21, 2024 onwards.
The final selection list for SBI PO will be released on the basis of combined results – secured by the candidates in the SBI PO Mains (written exam) and the Psychometric test & Interview rounds. For SBI PO aspirants to get selected for appointment, they will be required to clear the final stage.
What is the SBI PO Psychometric test?
The SBI PO psychometric test consists of four stages, including the Information Ordering Test, Selective Attention Test, Personality Test, Spatial Scanning Test, and Intelligence Test, with a total duration of 90 minutes.
The test aims to analyse the candidate’s personality, cognitive skills, reasoning abilities, and logical thinking in the context of the specific job role.
Apart from emotional fitness, the test also evaluates mental and behavioral stability, personality traits in problem-solving, adaptability, response to stress, ethical values in challenging situations, and decision-making skills during difficult times.
It serves as a comprehensive tool to assess an aspirant’s suitability for a banking job, focusing on psychological aspects.
The test has no predefined right or wrong answers; rather, it assesses an individual’s psychological proclivity for future work in the banking industry. Candidates are encouraged to respond spontaneously, selecting from provided options, and to remain true to themselves throughout the assessment, demonstrating confidence in their responses.
Here are 5 important strategies to do well in the SBI PO psychometric and personal interview round.
Do well in the “Situational Judgment” questions
Prioritise customer focus when answering situational judgement questions. SBI values exceptional customer service, so always select responses that prioritise customer satisfaction and effective issue resolution. Consider multiple perspectives in hypothetical scenarios, focusing on well-rounded decision-making that takes into account the perspectives of all stakeholders. Familiarise yourself with SBI’s core values and ethical principles, and align your responses to these values, even if they appear less direct at first.
Practise “Pattern Matching” questions as much as possible to improve accuracy
Understand pattern matching questions by looking beyond the obvious similarities. Analyse deeper patterns, such as rotations, reflections, or logical progressions, rather than just surface features like colour or shape. Close your eyes and imagine the patterns to improve your visualisation skills. This technique can help connect seemingly disparate elements and reveal underlying logic. If you’re stuck, try working backward from the answer choices. Analyse each option to see how it fits into the overall pattern, which may lead you back to the correct answer choice for the original question.
Beyond banking knowledge
Go in-depth into SBI’s initiatives such as digital banking strategy, financial inclusion programs, and rural banking. Also, connect current affairs to banking by analyzing the potential impact of new government policies or economic trends on SBI’s operations or the banking sector. Prepare for unconventional questions testing critical thinking, like handling a customer upset over a digital banking error or suggesting innovative services for millennials.
Problem-solving and customer-centricity
Showcase your problem-solving ability with specific examples from your past, emphasizing quantifiable achievements. Focus on customer interactions, highlighting instances where you exceeded expectations to help customers or resolve conflicts. Research SBI’s customer service initiatives, familiarizing yourself with grievance redressal mechanisms, and be ready to discuss how you can contribute to enhancing customer satisfaction.
Be conscious of your responses
Adapt your responses to address their specific interests or potential concerns. Showcase your teamwork and adaptability by sharing experiences of effective collaboration in a team or adapting to challenging situations. Conclude with a strong call to action, briefly reiterating your interest and suitability for the SBI PO role. Leave a lasting impression of your enthusiasm, confidence, and commitment.

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