Home Entertainment Parasite Actor Park So Dam Returns With ‘Death’s Game’ After Cancer Treatment | People News

Parasite Actor Park So Dam Returns With ‘Death’s Game’ After Cancer Treatment | People News

Parasite Actor Park So Dam Returns With ‘Death’s Game’ After Cancer Treatment | People News


New Delhi: She shot to International fame with her performance as the scheming art therapist Jessica in the Academy Award Winning “Parasite”. Jessica alias Kim Ki Jung (Park So Dam) is the daughter of the Kims, a family living in impoverished conditions, who hatch a plan to make inroads into the home of the affluent Parks. The Bong Joon Ho directorial made such an impact, and the world’s gaze was firmly planted on S Korea and its thriving film and television industry.

Comeback With Death’s Game

32-year-old Park So Dam is back on TV screens as the fierce grim reaper Death in SLL’s fantasy action thriller “Death’s Game”. Her character Death meets an unemployed and struggling job seeker Choi Yee Jae( Seo In Guk) who has jumped to his death. As Death makes him go through 12 cycles of death for him to understand what it means to live, the actor confesses her character was trying to convey a show of strength to Yee Jae.

 “Death is someone who more so than anyone else understands and relates to the emotional struggles and life choices of Yee-jae. That is why she wants to give him an opportunity, to learn a lesson. She wants him to live his life to the fullest and both of them connect at an emotional level.

Who Is Park So Dam

She came into the spotlight with the supernatural mystery film “The Priests” in 2015, and the romantic drama “Cinderella and the Four Knights”. From playing the self-reliant make-up artist in the coming-of-age romantic drama “Record of Youth” ( 2020) and the crime thriller “Strongest Delivery”( 2022), the actor who is often seen playing strong women, says always the message of the film which draws her in.

“When I read a prospective project, I’m drawn to its energy, as well as if there is a particular message the story wants to tell. If the character I am likely to portray contributes to delivering that message, I am most drawn in then”.

On Screen Chemistry

From sharing screen space with cinematic legends such as Song Kang Ho to popular idols such as Jung Il Woo, Park Bo Gum and Seo In Gul, the actor reveals each one of them has helped shape her as an actor.

“The energy you feed off of one another is very important and crucial for the project. I consider myself very lucky. I think with every project, I have got to work with a great cast, This time around too, Seo In-guk was so considerate of me and I felt like his authenticity and genuineness were moving.”

Road To Recovery

The actor was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer in 2021 and soon after underwent surgery for the same. She revealed she was grateful for the support around her. Revealing that the road to recovery brought its challenges, she says” Even when feeling emotionally and physically fine, there are times when I experience significant emotional fluctuations, like a drained battery”.

She praises the team of Death’s Game for being considerate towards her since she was still working on her speech and strength. “I still face occasional ups and downs that I cannot control, I find tremendous strength when I am on set.”

Death’s Game Is Available On Prime Video

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