Home Education NEET MDS 2024 Postponement: Exam reschedule request is ‘Under Process’, reveals RTI

NEET MDS 2024 Postponement: Exam reschedule request is ‘Under Process’, reveals RTI

NEET MDS 2024 Postponement: Exam reschedule request is ‘Under Process’, reveals RTI


The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is currently considering the request to postpone the NEET MDS 2024 exam to July. According to an RTI reply obtained by the All India Student’s Union (AISU), the request is still in the process.
The NEET MDS (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test for Master in Dental Surgery) is a national-level entrance exam conducted by NBEMS (National Board of Examinations in Medical Sciences) and is set to take place on March 18th.
On Wednesday, AISU wrote on X (formerly Twitter), “On 08.02.2024, we filed an RTI to seek information about the NEET MDS exam postponement. Today, we received a response stating that our representations are ‘Under Process’ in the Ministry.”

Previously, AISU addressed a letter to both the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Health, emphasizing various crucial issues requiring urgent consideration. Foremost among these concerns is the practicality of holding the NEET MDS exam in March, particularly considering the concurrent counseling process with NEET PG and the anticipated completion of internships necessary for NEET PG admissions, likely around August or September 2024.
In their letter, AISU pointed out that in 2020, NEET MDS happened in December, which matched the delayed NEET PG exam. This helped ensure a fair process for students applying to both exams.
Furthermore, AISU expressed concern about the long period of inactivity that dental students might experience from March until the conclusion of their internships, which could last around 6-7 months. This extended break not only risks disrupting academic progress but also wastes valuable time.
The student union also emphasised the disparity in the notification period, noting that NEET PG candidates were informed about their exam postponement six months prior, while NEET MDS candidates were given only two months’ notice. Originally scheduled for February 9, the NEET MDS exam’s postponement was officially announced on January 20, with the new date set for March 18. The delay in announcing the NEET MDS dates has significantly hampered aspirants’ preparation and deteriorated their mental health, according to the AISU letter.
The AISU letter urged the relevant authority to reconsider the schedule for the NEET MDS exam and suggested aligning it with NEET PG, preferably in July. This change would not only address the raised concerns but also promote fairness and consistency for both NEET PG and MDS candidates.

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