Home Technology Musk: Here’s how Elon Musk ‘helped’ X CEO Linda Yaccarino in running the company

Musk: Here’s how Elon Musk ‘helped’ X CEO Linda Yaccarino in running the company

Musk: Here’s how Elon Musk ‘helped’ X CEO Linda Yaccarino in running the company


From name change to new features, X has gone through a lot of changes since it was taken over by Elon Musk in 2022. Earlier, Musk was acting as the CEO of the micro-blogging site. In May, the billionaire stepped down from his position and announced Linda Yaccarinoas the new CEO of the social media platform. In an interview with CNBC, X’s current CEO Yaccarino said that she has “autonomy” under owner Elon Musk to run the company.She also mentioned that advertisers should be comfortable returning to the platform under her leadership.

What Yaccarino said about her role in X
Yaccarino referred to the tweet which announced her hiring for the platform. In this tweet, Musk noted his control over product and development, while Yaccarino mentioned that her role was “everything else” involved in “running the company.” She also said that the company was “close” to breaking even.

Yaccarino’s assurance to advertisers
Under Yaccarino’s leadership, popular brands like Coca-Cola, Visa and others have returned to X advertising. She also added that this happened due to her direct engagement with marketing and communications executives.
Yaccarino also noted the platform’s effort to improve the advertiser experience. This effort was needed for X after brands fled from the platform after Musk acquired it. She said that brands are “protected from the risk of being next to” potentially toxic content.

She explained that if the content is “lawful but awful” it is difficult to remove the content from the platform. However, X’s new content controls will bring down advertiser risk, she added.
Yaccarino also revealed that X is now “healthier” than it was a year ago. However, she mentioned that users “might not agree” with all posts.
Yaccarino on layoffs
X CEO also explained that layoffs were a “very necessary cost discipline exercise,” and confirmed that the company now has about 1,500 employees. Twitter employed around 8,000 people before Musk acquired it.

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