Microsoft’s Photos app gets a major upgrade with AI-powered editing tool |

Microsoft‘s Photos app is receiving a major upgrade with the introduction of “Generative Erase,” an AI-powered editing tool. This feature, along with previously released AI editing options like Blur background and Remove and replace background, is now available on even more devices, giving Windows users flexibility and control over their photo edits.
Generative Erase, is an AI-powered tool lets you remove unwanted elements from your photos, like distracting objects or messy backgrounds. According to a blog post by Mala Srivatsa, Senior Product Manager, Windows Photos, Generative Erase delivers smoother, more realistic results compared to its predecessor, even when erasing large areas. Earlier this feature was known as Spot Fix. “Compared to Spot fix, Generative erase creates a more seamless and realistic result after objects are erased from the photo, even when erasing large areas,” said Srivatsa.
How to use Generative Erase?
Simply open your photo in the Photos app, head to Edit Image, and select the Erase option. Then, just brush over the areas you want to vanish, adjusting the brush size for precise control. You can also Disable Auto Apply for even more freedom. Add or remove masks to target multiple objects, giving you complete control over your editing magic, noted Srivatsa.
Furthermore, Microsoft is expanding access to its AI editing features beyond Windows 11. Now, users on Arm64 devices and even Windows 10 can enjoy the power of Blur background, Remove and replace background, and the newly introduced Generative Erase. This update is rolling out gradually to Windows Insiders, so make sure you have the latest version of the Photos app (version 2024.11020.21001.0 or higher).

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