Microsoft Teams seems to be down again, here are the issues users are facing

Microsoft Teams is currently experiencing another outage, following a recent disruption in its video conferencing service. Users have taken to the microblogging platform, X, to report issues with Teams, and Downdetector, a real-time problem and outage monitoring platform, has confirmed the ongoing problem.
Outage details
The outage started around 7 pm, peaked at 9 pm, and is still ongoing at the time of reporting. Despite users encountering difficulties, Microsoft has not officially acknowledged the issue with Teams. On the company’s status website, the service is listed as “Active.”
Notably, the majority of reports are originating from the United States. However, TOI Tech has tested access to Teams in India, finding that the service appears to be functioning properly in that region.
Issues users are facing
Reports received by Downdetector indicate that 55% of users are experiencing issues with the Teams app, 31% are facing problems with server connections, and the remaining 14% are encountering difficulties with the Teams website.
What’s causing the issue
Despite the widespread user reports and data on the types of issues faced, Microsoft has yet to provide any information or acknowledgment regarding the cause of the ongoing outage. The lack of official communication leaves users in the dark about the root of the problem and any estimated time for resolution. This recurrent disruption highlights the potential impact on businesses and individuals relying on Microsoft Teams for remote collaboration and communication. As users await updates, concerns may arise regarding the reliability and stability of the platform for future usage.

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