Microsoft: Microsoft starts testing GPT-4 Turno within Bing Chat, here’s how to check if you’ve received the update

Microsoft has started rolling out the recently announced GPT-5 Turbo along with the plugin support for Bing Chat and Microsoft Copilot. The feature is now rolling out to a select few testers in beta on a random basis.
A wider rollout is expected to happen in the coming weeks or so.
Apart from that, Microsoft is also expected to add an updated Code Interpreter to Bing Chat to make it more capable of handling complex queries and programming.
It is important to note that GPT-4 is also available with ChatGPT paid subscribers. However, the feature is available for free with Bing Chat or Copilot and users take advantage of the improved capabilities of the new language model from OpenAI.
WindowsLatest has reported that despite the new GPT-4 Turbo integration, Bing Chat takes the call based on the query on whether to use the new advanced language model or stick to the older model automatically. There’s no way to manually set Bing Chat to default in GPT-4 Turbo.
That said, the rollout is completely random and Microsoft hasn’t revealed any particular details on accounts or regions whether the feature will be made available first. Also, the report says that this is an A/B test, which means it could be anyone can get this feature in their Bing Chat or Copilot.
If you want to check whether or not you received the GPT-4 Turbo in your Bing Chat in Edge or Chrome, open the page source. Now, use the Find on page feature to look for “dlgpt4t” code. If you see that code on the source page, then you’ve received the GPT-4 Turbo in your Bing Chat. Else, the feature isn’t available for your account.
Alternatively, you can also use your mobile app to upload an image and ask it to explain the emotion. If the Bing app can do that for you, then it has received the new Open AI model.

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