Microsoft Adds New Audio and Video Features to Microsoft Teams Meetings |

Microsoft has announced that it is adding a few audio and video features to its meetings app – Microsoft Teams. The features are currently being rolled out Microsoft 365 Insiders who are Microsoft Teams Public Preview users.
Easily control audio, video in Teams meetings
Microsoft is rolling out an update that will enable users to manage audio and video settings during meetings without any distractions.These settings can be accessed and control key audio and video features, without having to navigate through multiple layers of settings.
“Depending on your goal, you can quickly access key AV features, with a single touch, from the Meeting toolbar, or access additional options on the side panel in a simple and straightforward way,” Microsoft said.
How it works

  • During a meeting, click the downward arrow next to the Camera button or the Mic button on the Meeting toolbar.
  • Click either the More video options link or the More audio options link at the bottom of the menu to open the side panel.
  • Users can also access those settings by clicking the More actions button on the Meeting toolbar, and then selecting either Audio settings or Video effects and settings.

Microsoft said that Mac users may experience an issue where changes to device selection in the Mac operating system are not reflected in Teams. As a temporary workaround, Mac users can manually select the device they want within Teams using the audio and video flyouts or panels.
“This issue will be fully resolved by early February,” Microsoft said.
Google Meet features
Recently, Google announced that it is rolling out some features for Meet. These features include multiple video effects (backgrounds, filters and appearance) on web and mobile that are aimed at creating a more dynamic experience.
There is also studio lighting on the web with the Duet AI for Google Workspace Enterprise add-on and studio sound that will automatically improve poor audio quality from Bluetooth headsets and dial-in participants by using AI to recreate higher audio frequencies.

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