LimeChat teams up with Microsoft to launch advanced AI chatbot for e-commerce support

LimeChat, in collaboration with Microsoft, has announced the release of an advanced AI-powered chatbot, a significant step forward in e-commerce customer support. This technology is said to be designed to provide enhanced, efficient, secure, and personalised customer service experience, marking a new chapter in support solutions. Leveraging Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, LimeChat has introduced its enhanced chat automation tailored for e-commerce. This isn’t merely a chatbot—it’s a leap into consultative customer-brand interactions. Its dynamic learning refines engagement with every interaction.
Early adopters include Wow Skin Science that the company claimed have seen tangible improvements. “Automation rates increased by nearly 15%, and their CSAT scores with this new system have shown promising results, indicating a positive response from end-users. The highlight has been the accuracy of the bot, with error rates under 0.1%,” according to the company.
Nikhil Gupta, Founder, LimeChat, said, “Partnering with Microsoft elevates customer support standards. By harnessing Microsoft Azure’s retrieval algorithms, embedding models, and LLMs, we’re transforming customer interactions significantly.”
Commenting on the collaboration, Sangeeta Bavi, Executive Director, Digital Natives, Microsoft India, said, “LimeChat is a key disruptor in the e-commerce space, and we are pleased to announce our collaboration to redefine customer service with the power of AI. Our collaboration fueled by Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service is designed to empower every business to achieve more with AI”.
Some of the key advantages of LimeChat’s hybrid support automation system are said to include cost-effective customer support solutions, enhanced customer satisfaction metrics, boosted customer loyalty, opportunity for revenue growth etc.

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