Home Technology Legistrak: Legistify launches LegisTrak 2.0 SaaS-based legal management platform

Legistrak: Legistify launches LegisTrak 2.0 SaaS-based legal management platform

Legistrak: Legistify launches LegisTrak 2.0 SaaS-based legal management platform


LegisTrak 2.0Legal tech company Legistify has expanded its product portfolio with the launch of a new platform. LegisTrak 2.0 is a SaaS platform that helps with legal management for businesses. This tool is an end-to-end legal management suite that is designed for enterprise customers.
The platform helps companies to leverage its SaaS to streamline contract management, centralise matter management and enforce IP protection. LegisTrak 2.0 also uses artificial intelligence to help businesses make informed decisions and boost their ROI.
Legistify already has a customer base of 300+ enterprises which includes — Coca-Cola, Dabur, Decathlon, SBI General Insurance, IDBI Bank, Whirlpool, Indiamart, Panasonic, JCB, Dell, ICICI Lombard and more
Legal complications faced by companies
Here’s a list of complicated legal matters that every company faces. These issues are handled by LegisTrak 2.0:
● Managing legal matters, coordinating among departments, tracking deadlines and doing effective resource allocations.
● Complex contract lifecycles, overseeing contractual obligations and key dates is super difficult.
● Navigating through all this, while safeguarding the organisation’s brand and business.
● Lack of information that often leads to the legal team providing inaccurate assessments, even to the leadership. This may have severe repercussions impacting the whole organisation in the short as well as the long run.
Benefits of LegisTrak 2.0
The company states that “this technology does not replace the skills of any lawyer, but compliments and enhances them.” Here’s a list of benefits the platform has to offer:
● Eliminates manual admin tasks right away. Streamlines and centralises matter management. The tool also enables easy tracking and boosts productivity.
● It can access control from creation and negotiation to execution and renewal of legal contracts. The product offers enhanced collaboration and mitigates risks through AI
● All the information around the company’s contracts, matters and IP can be stored with LegisTrak 2.0
● The platform can create reports, access helpful analytics and showcase presentation-ready dashboards. Legistify’s proprietary technology can unlock access to critical information and helps users with effective decision making.
● LegisTrak 2.0 also helps in time management.

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