Kuber Group Director Gets A Call From Cops After Rolls-Royce Crash Kills 2

Rolls-Royce: Vikas malu has been asked to join investigation

New Delhi:

Kuber Group Director, Vikas Malu, has been called by the Haryana police for questioning, after a road crash involving a Rolls-Royce killed two people earlier this week.

Industrialist Vikas Malu was among the three occupants of the Rolls-Royce that smashed into a petrol tanker at a high speed on the New Delhi-Mumbai expressway in Haryana’s Nuh.

Two of the three people in the tanker – the driver and his assistant – were killed in the crash.

Visuals from the site had shown little left of the Phantom, which costs over Rs 10 crore. The front of the car had been mangled, the engine was ablaze and the doors were open. The truck’s condition was even worse, with just a heap of metal left after the blaze enveloped it.

Mr Malu was admitted to a private hospital in Gurugram after the crash.

Speaking exclusively to NDTV, Nuh Superintendent of Police, Narendra Bijaraniya, had said that the entire stretch of the expressway is lined with CCTV cameras. The truck, he said, took a U-turn on the highway and the Phantom was travelling at a very high speed when the two collided.

Police said the other occupant of the car will also be asked to do so once he is discharged from the hospital.

NDTV also tracked down the third occupant of the tanker, Gautam, who is recovering from his injuries at his house in Haryana’s Ujina.

Gautam, who was sitting next to the driver and the assistant, said the truck was taking a U-turn when it was rammed by the Rolls-Royce.¬†Struggling to speak because of his injuries, he said the Phantom’s speed was at least 190 km/hr and the truck overturned after being hit.

Vikas Malu’s advocate blamed the truck driver for the accident.¬†“The truck driver is at fault. He took a wrong turn which caused the collision, ” said Rajesh Kumar Thakur.

The Rolls-Royce was part of a 14-car convoy, CCTV footage from the Hilalpur toll plaza on the expressway showed.

Mr Bijaraniya said that the details of the car’s exact speed will be available only after a scientific examination.

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