John Oliver Gets Distracted By Conan O’Brien In The Middle Of HBO Show – Deadline

John Oliver is usually laser-focused on Last Week Tonight dissecting the political issues that affect the world. However, things got a little out of hand when Conan O’Brien made an appearance on the late-night talk show.

While discussing the controversial political figure from Argentina, Javier Milei, Oliver showcased an interview where the Member of the Chamber of Deputies of Argentina got completely side-tracked when he saw a photo of his dog. During an interview on a news show, photos of Milei appeared in the background and during one moment his dog Conan was featured.

“There’s Conan,” Milei said, ignoring the interviewer for a moment.

“Yes, it’s Conan,” the interviewer said.

“It’s Conan,” Milei continued with a smile on his face completely derailing the interview.

Oliver said that Milei made himself “likable” in that moment adding, “He just got distracted by his own dog the way dogs get distracted by any squirrel.”

“It’s honestly hard for me to criticize that because that’s also how I respond if I ever see a picture of — oh it’s Conan,” Oliver said as a picture of O’Brien appeared on-screen.

Oliver tried to steer the ship back and continue talking about Milei but a different photo of O’Brien appeared getting him distracted once again. A third image of O’Brien appeared and Oliver once again lost focus of the main topic.

A fourth image got Oliver distracted one more time but this time, O’Brien came to life and said, “Quit staring at me John. I’m not a piece of meat.”

Oliver appeared surprised that O’Brien’s photo came to life and apologized as the comedian returned to his pose to freeze up again.

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