JEE Main Paper 2 result for session 1 expected soon: 9 tips to improve your score in session 2

JEE Main Paper 2 Result: The National Testing Agency is expected to release the result for JEE Main Session 1 Paper 2 exam soon. The NTA earlier released the official answer keys for JEE Main Session 1 Paper 2 (B Arch, Planning), on its official website at
The JEE Main session 2 provides an ready opportunity for students who took the session 1 exam to improve their scores and strengthen their chances of admission to top engineering colleges across the country.This additional window of opportunity allows students to improve on their previous performance by addressing any areas of weakness, and give a better, more focussed attempt at the JEE Main exam. According to NTA, the JEE Main session 2 exams are expected to commence on April 4 and go on till Arpil 15, 2024.
Each year more than 10 lakh candidates appear in the exams, making it highly competitive. However, consistent practice with dedicated focus on the following subject-specific areas can significantly improve your chances of scoring well in the JEE Main B. Arch and B. Planning entrance exam. Here are 7 tips to improve your score in the B. Arch and B. Planning entrance exam (Paper 2) of JEE Main:
For the Mathematics section, candidates should focus on the following areas-

  • Focus on application: While understanding formulas is important, prioritize practicing their application in architectural and planning contexts. Solve problems related to areas, volumes, scales, and ratios, commonly encountered in the exam.
  • Master visualization: Develop strong visualization skills by practicing problems involving 3D figures, rotations, and transformations. This helps interpret and solve questions related to spatial relationships and object manipulation.
  • Practice speed and accuracy: Time management is crucial. Practice solving problems quickly and accurately using time-saving shortcuts and efficient calculation methods. Utilize previous years’ papers and mock tests to hone these skills under pressure.

Aptitude section
Although a challenging, aptitude is also a scoring section where understanding the concepts can greatly improve chances of scoring-

  • Enhance observation skills: Train your eyes with regular to observe details and identify patterns in architectural elements, urban spaces, and landscapes. This strengthens your ability to answer questions based on visual stimuli like diagrams and sketches.
  • Develop spatial reasoning: Practice mental manipulation of objects and spatial relationships. Solve problems involving mental rotation, visualization of 2D and 3D forms, and understanding of scale and proportion.
  • Sharpen analytical thinking: Regularly practice analytical reasoning questions involving logical deductions, critical thinking, and problem-solving in various contexts. This improves your ability to analyze complex architectural and planning scenarios.

Drawing is an important aspect of Paper 2. This section cannot be neglected, as scoring high in this paper can increase the overall rank in JEE Main-

  • Refine your drawing techniques: Regularly practice sketching and drawing geometric shapes, architectural elements, and 3D objects in perspective. This enhances your ability to create accurate and well-proportioned representations during the exam.
  • Develop creative composition: Practice creating visually appealing compositions using basic shapes and forms. This helps you effectively convey ideas and demonstrate your design sense in the drawing section.
  • Improve observation and sketching skills: Train your eye to observe details and translate them accurately onto paper. Regularly practice sketching real-life objects, buildings, and urban spaces from various perspectives. This hones your ability to capture the essence of a scene through quick and accurate sketches.

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