“It’s All Poppy Nonsense As Far As I’m Concerned” – Deadline

Taylor Swift is riding on a career-high following a smash-breaking year that included having a highly profitable stadium tour and being named Time’s Person of the Year.

While Swift minds her own business, enjoying time with friends and attending the Kansas City Chiefs games, Ted Nugent is giving his opinion on the musician and doesn’t have favorable words to describe her music.

“So I’m afraid to say in this world that’s gone down the toilet in all aspects, I’m afraid the success of Taylor Swift—and again, God bless her work ethic, God bless her musical dreams—but that’s cartoon music,” Nugent said while making an appearance on The Joe Pags Show podcast.

He continued, “I mean, it doesn’t have any piss and vinegar. There’s no fire, there’s no sensuality in that. It’s all poppy nonsense, as far as I’m concerned. And it’s the most popular stuff in the world, which is an indictment to the music industry and music fans.”

Nugent said that fans aren’t “looking for that fire from a ZZ Top or from a Mitch Ryder in the Detroit Wheels, or from a Brownsville Station or an Amboy Dukes. And I miss that.”

“Thank God I’m still around,” he added.

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