“It Took Me Time But…”: Rohit Sharma Digs Deep Into World Cup Final Heartbreak

Rohit Sharma in press conference

India captain Rohit Sharma geared up for action for the first time since the conclusion of the Cricket World Cup 2023 as the national team prepared for the South Africa Test series. On the eve of the first Test in Centurion, Rohit attended media conference, addressing various topics, ranging from the team’s South Africa challenge to his personal preparedness for the Test assignment. Considering it was first time Rohit addressed the media since the World Cup, Rohit was asked about the emotional video he posted about a week ago, questions on ‘moving on’ from the heartbreak also came up.

The India captain admitted that there’s so much cricket happening these days that players have to move on. Though it took him time, the Hitman confirmed that he has come forward and is looking forward to new challenges.

“The way we played, you expect to go an inch further. Unfortunately, we couldn’t do it. That was the hard part. You saw how we managed to play the 10 games. We didn’t do certain things well in the final and that’s why we lost. It is hard but there’s so much happening in life, so much cricket, you’ve got to find the strength. It took me time to come out but you’ve got to move on,” he said.

“We got a lot of encouragement from the outside world and that motivated me personally to get up,” Rohit added.

When specifically asked about his future plans, Rohit said: “Whatever is in front of me, I look forward to play.”

There isn’t much clarity on Rohit’s plans for the T20 World Cup 2024 which takes place in about 6 months’ time. Since Rohit hasn’t played a T20 international cricket since the last T20 World Cup (in 2022), hence, there’s been plenty of speculations over his future. But, Rohit looked in no mood to answer the big questions in the presser.

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