Home Technology Iphone: How this iPhone ‘helped’ US smartphone market to recover

Iphone: How this iPhone ‘helped’ US smartphone market to recover

Iphone: How this iPhone ‘helped’ US smartphone market to recover


The smartphone market in the US has shrunk by 5% in the third quarter (July to September) of 2023, despite seeing a significant increase in shipments. According to the latest report by Canalys, shipments have increased by 21% to 31 million units in Q3 2023. The growth was driven by Apple’s latest iPhone lineup, the iPhone 15 series. It includes four models — iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.Apple launched the smartphone lineup in September.
How brands performed in the US in Q3

United States smartphone shipments and annual growth
Vendor Q3 2023
shipments (million)
Q3 2023
Q3 2022
shipments (million)
Q3 2022
Apple 17.2 55% 18.6 57% -8%
Samsung 6.8 22% 7.8 24% -12%
Motorola 2.8 9% 2.4 7% 14%
TCL 1.3 4% 1.6 5% -15%
Google 1.2 4% 0.6 2% 117%
Others 1.7 5% 1.6 5% 6%
Total 31.0 100% 32.5 100% -5%
Source: Canalys Smartphone Analysis (sell-in shipments), November 2023

What analysts have to say
Canalys analyst Le Xuan Chiew, “The iPhone 15 series had a strong start in September 2023, accounting for 34% of all iPhone sales in the US during Q3. The annual refresh of the iPhone portfolio remains paramount to all carriers, even to smaller challengers such as Boost Infinite, to attract switchers. However, fewer current users opt for upgrades to the latest models. Instead, there is a growing trend toward buying older generations, refurbished devices or keeping current phones longer. For Apple, recalibrating its portfolio, marketing strategy and carrier partnerships will become imperative to address these changes in consumer behaviour. Lackluster performance in the US can reverberate and impact Apple’s global strategy and ambitions swiftly.”

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