How to Use Google Maps Bluetooth Beacons for Tunnel Navigation |

While GPS guides us seamlessly across the globe, tunnels have been a frustrating black hole for navigation apps like Google Maps. But say goodbye to lost directions. Google Maps is finally getting Bluetooth beacons, to help you get through those dark tunnels.
This isn’t a completely new concept. Google-owned Waze has been using beacons in tunnels for years, illuminating routes in cities like New York, Chicago, and Paris.However, their signal only reached Waze users.
Now, Google Maps too will get them. A new tunnel navigation setting inside Settings is quietly rolling out. Disabled by default, it needs activation from users’ end with the message: “Scan for Bluetooth tunnel beacons to improve location accuracy in tunnels.”
Spotted in October 2023, this feature is now widely available for Android users. Apple iOS users need to wait for now.
How to Find Your Way through Beacons:
Head to Settings > Navigation Settings > Driving Options.
Look for the “Scan for Bluetooth tunnel beacons” option and flip it on.
That’s it! When you enter a beacon-equipped tunnel, Google Maps will seamlessly guide you through, just like on any open road.
Bonus: This feature is currently available only on Google Maps for Android, but iOS users, don’t fret; it’s on the way!
So, the next time you hit a tunnel, ditch the anxiety and let Google Maps, with its newfound beacon power, lead the way.

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