Google to bring air quality mini card to its app, here’s how it looks

Google app already has a couple of mini cards that appear under the search bar in the Discover tab to provide quick information. Google is now adding a new mini card widget to the list. This one will show you the current air quality in your area.

Currently, Google has three mini cards:

  • Sports: Show live updates for teams you follow
  • Weather: Keeps you updated with current weather conditions
  • Finance: Tracks stock prices and market trends from industries you follow

AQI will join these mini cards. 9to5Google has noticed a new black card in the Google app beta on Android version 14.32. Tapping on that runs an air quality search. This indicates that the new blank mini card is aimed at offering details about air quality in the surrounding area.
The iOS version, on the other hand, displays the complete AQI mini card and gives us a sneak peek at what it will look like. It is currently a small card with little to do, but it does show the AQI level and distance below it. Additionally, there is an indicator for the air quality condition, which we believe will change colours based on the air quality.
Weather card is changing too
According to the report, Google is also making changes to the weather card in Discover. The weather card now has full width. Nothing has changed in terms of design, except it now includes conditions and chances of precipitation.
Also, note that the feature is in beta right now and it may take some time to roll out officially.
Meanwhile, Google has recently updated Gmail to include a translation feature. This will allow users to quickly translate a received email into the language of their choice. The feature will come in handy for people communicating abroad or with people who speak different languages.

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