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EXCLUSIVE: Gloria Estefan is set to be featured in Revolution’s Daughter, a documentary that delves into the lives and experiences of people who were impacted by the Fidel Castro era in Cuba. The deceased dictator’s daughter Alina Fernandez is a central subject in the doc and also an executive producer.

Deadline has your first look at the project in the video above.

“A bond formed with Alina from our shared Cuban roots, yet etched with our distinct experiences, speaks volumes of our kinship beyond political lines, Estefan shared in an exclusive statement to Deadline.

She continued, “Years ago, Alina’s daughter, Alina Salgado, was a lead dancer on one of my tours, symbolizing a deeper connection — a melding of generations bridging Cuba’s complex past. The collaboration wasn’t just about music; it was a celebration of liberty, an homage to the brave like Alina [Fernandez], who pursued freedom from her father’s dictatorship. I wanted to participate in this documentary to support a narrative of resilience, a reflection of our indomitable spirit, and a recognition of the unbreakable ties that anchor us to our homeland, despite the ideological storms we weather.”

Revolution’s Daughter is a standalone documentary and a companion piece to the upcoming feature film, Castro’s Daughter, directed by Miguel Bardem and starring Ana Villafane as Alina Fernandez. The doc is directed by Thaddeus D. Matula (The Pony Excess and Brian on the Boz).

Executive producers include John Martinez O’Felan, Joseph Lamy, Allen Gilmer and Riki Rushing with Emmy-winner Javier Gonzalez; Suzette Laboy co-produces.

Estefan is an eight-time Grammy Award winner, Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient, and one of the Top 100 greatest artists of all time by VH1 and Billboard. Up next, Estefan returns as host for CBS’s airing of this year’s Kennedy Center Honors on December 27, featuring recipients Billy Crystal, Renée Fleming, Barry Gibb, Queen Latifah and Dionne Warwick. She is repped by CAA.

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