Home Entertainment From Goa To Kerala, Local Desi Delicacies Amp Up The Festive Spirit | Culture News

From Goa To Kerala, Local Desi Delicacies Amp Up The Festive Spirit | Culture News

From Goa To Kerala, Local Desi Delicacies Amp Up The Festive Spirit | Culture News


Christmas is over but the air continues to be infused with holiday spirits as festivities continue for the new year. This is the perfect time to indulge in yummy delicacies and in a country as diverse as India, the culinary choices are aplenty. From the delicious Kulkuls of Goa to the mouth-watering Avalosunda of Kerala, yummy desserts are celebrated across India. Booking.com has curated a list of places across India known for their Christmas and winter delicacies. So get together with your friends and family and savour the flavours that make this such a special time of the year.

Avalosunda In Kerala

When in Kerala during Christmas and New Year’s, don’t forget to try this traditional treat, Avalosunda, made with roasted rice and coconut flour. These laddoos carry a hint of tradition and are a special addition to holiday festivities. Avalosunda, being a part of Kerala’s traditional culinary selection, continues to be made in nearly every household, particularly during the Christmas season. Enjoy these festive delights while also exploring the diverse landscape of Kerala spanning from tea and spice plantations in Munnar to backwaters in Kochi, jungles in Thekkady and beautiful temples and churches in Thrissur.

Kulkuls In Goa

Kulkuls hold a special place in winter celebrations around this time of the year, particularly in Goa. These shell-shaped pastries are made with a sweet dough and flavoured with cardamon sugar for that extra touch. Kulkuls are believed to have Portuguese origins and have made their way to India through Portuguese influence. Experience the festive spirit of Christmas in Goa, at its beaches, churches, forts and vibrant night streets. Explore iconic locations such as Aguada Fort, Baga Beach, Dudhsagar waterfalls and their beautiful heritage churches for an unforgettable winter getaway.

Sticky Rice Cake In Manipur

Sticky Rice Cake is a delightful combination of moderate sweetness and chewiness prepared during Christmas and New Year time in Manipur. Festive time in Manipur brings its beauty to the forefront with its capital city, Imphal, where various areas are illuminated with decorative lights. Explore Manipur’s less-discovered beauty during this time of the year, where meadows, hills and the unique Loktak Lake, the world’s only floating lake, create a perfect setting. Immerse yourself in local culture and let the natural beauty of this destination captivate your festive spirit.

Kajjikayalu In Andhra Pradesh

Kajjikayalu are popular festive treats in Andhra Pradesh, especially during the year-end. Add a little crunch to your year-end celebrations with these deep-fried treats with coconut filling. Along with this delicacy, experience the amalgamation of culture, heritage and history in Andhra Pradesh, take a journey through iconic sites like the Tirumala temple, Kurnool and Borra caves, among many others and delve into the state’s rich cultural heritage for a festive exploration.

Neureos In Karnataka

Neureos, often referred to as Kuswar, are a popular Christmas delicacy in Karnataka. With their half-moon or crescent shape, Neureos form an integral part of the holiday celebrations, embodying the spirit of Christmas with their flavours and textures. Karnataka, in December, offers pleasant weather and is a captivating destination to explore, from the hills of Coorg to the heritage structures at Hampi. The festive season during New Year’s and Christmas is well celebrated in the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Bengaluru with its beautiful cafes and churches decked up in the holiday spirit.

Allahabadi Cake In Uttar Pradesh

Indulge in the unique festive delight of Allahabadi Cake, a distinctive version of the classic Christmas Cake. This special treat incorporates the traditional Petha or candied ash gourd, ghee, marmalade and spices giving it a desi flavour. It is inspired by the culinary heritage of the Anglo-Indian community in Allahabad (Prayagraj). Discover the festive charm in cities like Varanasi, Mathura, Agra and Lucknow. Immerse yourself in festive vibes amid iconic landmarks and the rich cultural history of these destinations. 

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