Home Technology Forget your chargers: This 28,000mAh power bank doubles up as an Android phone |

Forget your chargers: This 28,000mAh power bank doubles up as an Android phone |

Forget your chargers: This 28,000mAh power bank doubles up as an Android phone |


Energizer has revealed its newest phone, the Hard Case P28K, boasting an incredibly large 28,000mAh battery alongside a rugged, durable design. Unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona this week, the phone promises exceptional battery life for off-the-grid use while travelling or in areas with unreliable power.
With its massive internal battery, Energizer claims the P28K can last up to a whole week on a single charge with typical usage.Talk time reaches an astounding 122 hours continuously, while standby time is pegged at a staggering 94 days by the company. Despite the size, Avenir Telecom, maker of Energizer phones, states the battery can still be replenished from 0% to 100% in around 1.5 hours.
However, such an enormous battery comes with its own drawbacks. Weighing in at 570 grams, the phone is weighty compared to conventional smartphones. At nearly 28mm thick, it is also more than triple the thickness of standard phones on shelves currently. However, the phone is at least durable, or that’s what Energizer markets it as, thanks to an IP69 rating for dust and water protection.

Beyond a power bank – A look at the phone’s specs

Inside, the Hard Case P28K is equipped like a basic smartphone, with entry-level specs that include a MediaTek Helio G99 processor, 8GB RAM, 256GB storage, and a 6.78” 1080p LCD. It ships running Android 14 software. Cameras are led by a 64MP main sensor and accompanied by a 20MP ultrawide and 16MP selfie camera.
Priced at €250 in Europe, the phone won’t officially launch until October. Unfortunately for customers in other regions, Avenir Telecom says it has no plans to sell the phone outside of Europe for now.
Energizer has also made headlines with past concepts for phones with similarly giant batteries, though those devices ultimately never materialised as real products brought to market. Four years ago, at the MWC, Avenir showcased another concept – another Android phone with an 18,000mAh battery. Then, two years before that, the company showed off another phone that had a 16,000mAh battery.

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