Home Technology Explained: Google Gemini vs Microsoft Copilot AI response modifying options

Explained: Google Gemini vs Microsoft Copilot AI response modifying options

Explained: Google Gemini vs Microsoft Copilot AI response modifying options


Google’s Gemini AI chatbot recently rolled out an ability that enables users to fine-tune the AI responses as per their liking. Microsoft has had this capability for some time now but there’s a lot of difference when it comes to controlling the response provided by the chatbot. Here’s a quick comparison between the free versions of the two chatbots.

Microsoft Copilot conversation styles

Microsoft included the “Conversation styles” into Copilot and asks users to choose the tone of the conversation by opting one of the three modes: Creative, Balanced, Precise.
The Creative mode lets users generate longer and imaginative answers that are more intriguing. The Precise mode focuses on shorter, factual answers and is useful for fact finding. This mode provides faster responses.
Meanwhile, the Balanced mode aims to provide a balance between the two styles. It adds some creativity while maintaining the brevity in the AI generated responses.

Google Gemini tuning options

Google included a more precise way for users to tune Gemini’s responses. While it doesn’t offer conversation styles in the free version of Gemini chatbot, users can only toggle between seeing real-time responses or see them when they are published.
With the new capability launched last week, it will allow users to just select the portion of text they want to change, give Gemini some instruction, and get an output that’s closer to what they are looking for.
This not only enables users to modify the response as per their liking but also saves the time it takes the chatbot to generate a full response. Gemini will regenerate the highlighted part on the basis of user prompt and the previously generated answer will remain the same.
While using Microsoft’s Copilot options are easy, using Google Gemini’s modifying options is a bit time taking. Having said that, Gemini can provide minutely modified answers due to the availability of four options: Regenerate, Shorter, Longer and Remove.
Another difference between Gemini and Copilot is that Google’s chatbot provides three drafts for one query, so users will have an option to choose the draft which they consider is closest to the answer they are seeking.

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