Home Technology Dyson: We design our filters to suit all kinds of pollution needs, indoor as well as outdoor: Dyson engineer

Dyson: We design our filters to suit all kinds of pollution needs, indoor as well as outdoor: Dyson engineer

Dyson: We design our filters to suit all kinds of pollution needs, indoor as well as outdoor: Dyson engineer


Dyson is one of the go-to premium brands in the air purifier segment. The company recently expanded its environmental carecategory in India with the launch of its latest Big+Quiet air purifier. The new air purifier is claimed to be engineered specifically for large spaces and equipped with a suite of sensors that can detect pollutants across the room.The device can analyse indoor air at a molecular level and display live results on theLCD screen as well as in the MyDyson app. The air purifier comes with an H13-grade HEPA filter that claims to capture 99.95% of microparticles, and a layer of activated carbon filter for gases and odours. Another highlight of the Dyson Big+Quiet air purifier is the motor bucket that is said to reduce noise levels to 56dB(A) at full power.
We at TOI-Gadgets Now had the opportunity to visit Dyson’s office in Malmesbury, UK, and interview engineers who are involved in the development of products in the environmental care category. During our visit, we interviewed Sam Railton who has been involved in the design of various Environmental Care products of the company. Earlier this year, Railton took on the position of Environmental Care Category Manager. Here are excerpts from the conversation with Railton.
Q: Whenever most buyers think of purchasing an air purifier, one key factor is the filter. Help us understand the types of filters that Dyson uses in its air purifiers. How do they work and if you could elaborate on their unique features?
A: “When we talk about air pollution, we talk about the outdoor external sources that can come into your homes through the doors and windows and gaps. Our homes are not fully sealed. Also, pollution is not just outsidem but indoors as well. We design our filters to suit all of those needs.
Talking about the kinds of filters, we have a three-stage layer filtration technology approach at Dyson. First is the HEPA, the glass HEPA media. When we talk about HEPA, it comes in different grades, and we build media into the machine that is H13. This means that it removes 99.95% of particles. The reason that the number is important is that, we can capture all the really small particles as well as the big ones. This also includes cooking emissions and indoor pollution.
What we do differently here is to make sure that we seal the filters themselves. Not only are we putting in high-grade glass fibre media, but we’re also sealing them. Why that’s important is that then all the air passes through the filters and therefore it is trapped in the filter. Therefore it doesn’t go into the machine. That’s important for two reasons. One is that inside the machine is clean, and also that nothing can damage or have any implication to the reliability and the robustness of the machine over life.”
Q: Are there any preset or maintenance requirements for someone who has allergies or suffers from respiratory conditions?
A: “We’re using these layers to capture everything that we don’t want in our air. We need to make sure that we’re capturing it safely. And we can remove that from the home. We’ve got a nice little mechanism. I don’t know if you’ve seen it on the Big+Quiet. You press the two little red buttons and the filter just checks out the bottom. You can clear the bin, with no interaction with a filter at all. That means you don’t have to touch or interact with the dirty filter at the end of its life. We also make sure that the filter can last a long period.”
Q: What exactly is this auto mode in Dyson air purifiers?
A: “The auto mode in Dyson air purifiers adjusts the speed according to the air quality in the room. When Auto mode is enabled, the on-board sensors intelligently adjust the speed of the purifier according to the air quality.
The auto mode in our products especially comes handy for customers who do not understand air pollution. It’s a nice tool for us to educate users. Also, with this mode when the air is clean, the machine doesn’t need to be switched off, it automatically switches off and that helps save energy.”

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