Home Hollywood ‘Dragon’s Den’ Reaches 50th Remake Worldwide — London TV Screenings

‘Dragon’s Den’ Reaches 50th Remake Worldwide — London TV Screenings

‘Dragon’s Den’ Reaches 50th Remake Worldwide — London TV Screenings


It’s 50 and counting for Dragon’s Den.

The Sony Pictures Television and Nippon TV entrepreneurial business format, known in the U.S. as Shark Tank, has scored a remake in Bangladesh, marking its fiftieth version around the world.

The Bangladeshi version, Shark Tank Bangladesh, will launch on Bongo and Deepto TV this spring, having first launched as Money Tigers in 2001. The UK remake launched in 2005 on the BBC, where it remains on air, and ABC’s version launched four years later. It hit 40 remakes in 2020 when it debuted in France.

In South Asia, SonyLIV and Sony Entertainment Television’s series launched in 2021 and has garnered upward of 75 million viewers on linear. Pakistan and Nepal productions are also planned, with Bangladesh the next up.

Ahad Bhai, CEO and co-founder of Bongo and producer of Shark Tank Bangladesh, said: “Being the 50th edition of Shark Tank is very special. We are doing our best to make Shark Tank Bangladesh on par with the global standard as an entertainment platform, and also to help change lives, one business at a time.”

“Bangladesh is a land of dynamic entrepreneurs full of grit and determination, but lacks the infrastructure and platforms to support young individuals and businesses as they grow,” said Bhai. “It is such an honor to have the opportunity to bring a global platform like Shark Tank to our country. Shark Tank has been my favorite show for many years, and to be a part of this global movement, to help contribute to improving lives and empower entrepreneurs, truly is a dream come true.”

“Embarking on a global journey that began with the ferocious success of Tiger in Japan, from the mystical Dragon in some regions to the powerful Shark and even the majestic Lion in others, our entrepreneurial spirit has evolved into a truly global phenomenon across more than 50 territories worldwide,” said Tom Miyauchi, Head of Formats, Nippon TV. “We are rewriting the story of innovation, resilience, and the undeniable power of the entrepreneurship through prime-time entertainment and partnerships with Sony Pictures Television, all licensees and networks involved across the globe.”

Laura St. Clair, VP International Formats, Sony Pictures Television, added that it was “a testament to the true universality of the format that each of these 50 versions have been uniquely tailored to and reflective of their territory, but are instantly recognisable the world over.

“Following the incredibly strong recent launches in countries including India, we are very excited to bring Shark Tank to Bangladesh this year, and look forward to working with partners in Pakistan, and many further territories, with some new and very exciting plans for the format to be announced soon”.

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