David Letterman Returns To ‘The Late Show’ & Gets Greeted With Standing Ovation – Deadline

David Letterman received an extended round of applause in his big return to the Ed Sullivan Theater, home of The Late Show. The former late-night show host came back to his old stomping grounds and was greeted with a standing ovation from the audience in attendance, including his successor Stephen Colbert.

“Ladies and gentlemen, my guest tonight certainly needs no introduction,” Colbert said as he introduced Letterman. “Please welcome back to the Ed Sullivan Theater — Mr. David Letterman.”

As Letterman walked onto the set, the crowd cheered and applauded as the comedian soaked in all the love from the audience.

“Wow! How about that?” Letterman said as the audience continued to cheer him.

When the audience started chanting Letterman’s first name, the comedian asked Colbert, “What happened? What are they doing now?”

The audience only got louder and Letterman said, “Is there going to be trouble?”

At one point Letterman looked at his watch following his extended welcome. As Letterman took a seat he asked Colbert to “control your people.”

It was Letterman’s first time back on the CBS late-night show since leaving in May 2015 after 23 years. Since his exit, Letterman has been hosting an interview series on Netflix titled My Next Guest Needs No Introduction.

Watch Letterman’s entrance in the video posted below.

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