Daniel Kwan, Daniel Scheinert To Appear At Salute Your Shorts Festival – Deadline

Oscar-winning directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert – popularly known as “the Daniels” – are set to reveal secrets of the visual effects in their breakthrough hit Everything Everywhere All at Once.

They will moderate a panel titled “The Disruptive VFX of Everything Everywhere All At Once” on August 18, opening night of the 7th Salute Your Shorts Film Festival in Los Angeles.

“Our opening night audience will get a real behind-the scenes understanding of how this film became a phenomenon through VFX,” festival director Elle Shaw said in a statement. “Filmmakers can add knowledge to their tool kit, and film enthusiasts can satisfy their curiosity.” 

Michelle Yeoh in ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’


The event will take place at the Assistance League Theater in Hollywood. It’s free to the public, although space is limited (an RSVP is required, the festival notes). Everything Everywhere All at Once claimed seven Oscars in March, including Best Picture, Best Director for the Daniels, and three acting honors: Michelle Yeoh for Best Actress; Ke Huy Quan for Best Supporting Actor, and Jamie Lee Curtis for Best Supporting Actress (she beat out her co-star, Stephanie Hsu, in that category).

The film made over $140M worldwide and earned acclaim for its VFX which many critics said outdid those seen in Hollywood movies with a vastly greater budget than the $25M it cost to make EEAAO.

“It’s a mind-bending plot,” SchoolofMotion.com wrote of the film, “made more fantastical when you learn that most of the visual effects in nearly 500 shots were created by a small team of six talented artists led by Zak Stoltz.”

A poster for the Salute Your Shorts Film Festival

Salute Your Shorts Film Festival

“We are thrilled to offer this panel free to the public and support truly independent filmmaking,” said Erin Brown Thomas, the festival’s artistic director. “The Salute Your Shorts Film Festival has quickly gained acclaim for its high-caliber programming, and this opening night panel promises to be an extraordinary event.”

The festival runs from August 18-20, promising “filmmakers and film enthusiasts for a weekend of thought-provoking and inspiring cinema.”

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