Coursera leverages AI to offer courses in Hindi and improve learner experience

CHENNAI: Learning platform Coursera has launched AI-powered features to make online learning more personalized and interactive in India.
Now, top courses like Generative AI for Everyone from DeepLearning.AI, The Science of Well-Being from Yale University, Programming for Everybody from the University of Michigan, which have until recently been available only in English, are going to be accessible to anyone who speaks Hindi.Other languages like Tamil is also on the roadmap.
“India’s ambition to become a $5 trillion economy depends on its ability to develop a skilled workforce and maximize its demographic dividend,” said Coursera CEO Jeff Maggioncalda.
“Our goal is to make high-quality education available to everyone, no matter what language they speak, and today marks a big step towards that goal. We have used the power of AI to translate over 4,000 courses into Hindi, giving learners in India unprecedented access and flexibility to develop skills for the digital future,” he added.
More than 4,000 courses are now available in Hindi. They include some of the most popular courses in India. Learners can access course readings, lecture video subtitles, quizzes, assessments, peer review instructions, and discussion prompts — all in the local language.
With more than 23.4 million learners and 57 million enrollments on the platform, India represents the second largest market for Coursera globally.
The platform has also launched the GenAI Academy for executives and L&T is the first enterprise in India to launch Coursera’s GenAI Academy to provide structured digital literacy across its workforce.
It is also unveiling ‘Coursera Coach’ – a GenAI-powered virtual learning assistant that provides personalized feedback, answers to questions, summarizes video lectures and resources.

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