Home Technology ChatGPT is back online after a brief outage

ChatGPT is back online after a brief outage

ChatGPT is back online after a brief outage


It has just been a day before the ChatGPT is down again. The AI-powered chat tool was down again for a couple of hours today. The outage was reported by several users across the globe and OpenAI’s Status page also marked ChatGPT as down. OpenAI mentioned the outage as “major” on the website.
It’s back online now
The outage reported by OpenAI lasted for almost 2 hours 37 minutes. The same was also reported by Downdetector, the outage tracking website. According to Downdetector, the outage started around 6:19pm and around 92% of people reported being unable to access ChatGPT service. However, both now show that the ChatGPT is back online and is operational.
TOI-GadgetsNow also checked the same and it seems to be working fine now.
Reason behind the outage
Well, OpenAI hasn’t officially revealed the exact reason behind ChatGPT’s outage. However, the Status website clearly mentions the timeline of the outage along with the issues faced by users and all the way to the resolution.

Status Description Posted Time
Resolved The ChatGPT is stable for all users, and the issue has been resolved. 12 minutes ago (Aug 31, 2023 – 11:03 PDT)
Monitoring A fix has been implemented, and normal usage of ChatGPT has resumed. Monitoring is ongoing. 2 hours ago (Aug 31, 2023 – 09:29 PDT)
Update User logins are limited to address the ongoing issue. Remediation is ongoing. 3 hours ago (Aug 31, 2023 – 08:28 PDT)
Update Efforts are underway to remediate and recover service. 3 hours ago (Aug 31, 2023 – 07:58 PDT)
Identified Some users face issues with conversation history and new conversations. The issue has been identified, and remediation is in progress. 4 hours ago (Aug 31, 2023 – 06:52 PDT)

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