CBSE: Year Ender 2023: 5 important changes announced by CBSE this year

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) announced many significant changes in the past year 2023. Ranging from updated marking-schemes to increasing the number of exams candidates can take, and doing away with the overall division system.
Here is a look back at all the important announcement and changes that CBSE notified this year.
Overall division and distinction discontinued
CBSE decided not to assign overall divisions, distinctions, or aggregates to Class 10 and Class 12 students appearing for the board exam. The board will not calculate or disclose the percentage of marks, responding to requests from candidates seeking clarity on the criteria.
Additionally, for candidates taking more than five subjects, decisions on selecting the best five subjects will be made by admitting institutes or employers recruiting CBSE board students. The responsibility for calculating percentages, if needed for higher education or employment, lies with the admitting institution or employer.
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CBSE Board exam 2024 assessment scheme updated
For the academic session 2023-24, CBSE revised assessments to include more competency-based questions, reducing the emphasis on short and long-answer questions, in line with NEP 2020.
However, these changes may be temporary, as the board exams are expected to undergo further reforms in the next academic year with the introduction of the new National Curriculum Framework (NCF).
In the revised class 10 assessment practices, 50% of questions will be competency-based, including Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), case studies, source-based integrated questions, or other formats.
In CBSE class 12 assessments, 40% of questions will be competency-based, featuring MCQs, case-based, and source-based integrated questions—an increase from the previous academic session’s 30%. Additionally, objective questions now exclusively consist of MCQs with a weightage of 20%.
CBSE released Class 10, 12 marks distribution notification
For both class 10 and class 12 assessments, each subject has a maximum of 100 marks distributed among theory, practical, project, and internal assessment components. The theory exam is valued at 80 marks, while the remaining 20 marks are allocated to practical, project work, or internal assessment. The conduct of practical exams and internal assessments must adhere strictly to the guidelines and details outlined in the latest CBSE circular and the CBSE Syllabus, as specified on the official website at Read the marks distribution circular below.

More than one board exam in future
In response to the Ministry of Education’s updated new curriculum framework, the Centre announced a significant change in board exams, allowing them to take place twice a year. This initiative aligns with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, emphasizing reduced student pressure and holistic development. The revised exams aim to be more application-based, fostering critical and creative thinking skills among students. This move not only provides students with two opportunities annually to improve their scores but also reflects a broader effort to enhance the overall educational experience.
Following the Ministry of Education (MoE) guidelines, CBSE board exams will occur twice, without being term-wise. Two distinct board exams will be held, enabling students to keep the highest scores attained in the two attempts.
Special provisions for Olympiad participants
CBSE has implemented special provisions for students engaged in sports and Olympiads. In order to support their participation in these events, the board will organize special exams for students whose schedules align with national and international sports competitions, as well as international Olympiads in 2024, accommodating travel dates for these events. This initiative aims to enable students to effectively manage both their academic commitments and extracurricular pursuits.

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