CBSE 12th Board Exam 2024: 10 Important Derivations in Class 12 Physics

In Class 12 Physics, students often encounter various derivations that play an important for understanding and applying concepts. These derivations provide a foundation for understanding the underlying principles in physics. Students are advised to make sure to follow their textbook and class notes for detailed steps and explanations of these derivations.
Here are some common derivations that are typically covered in CBSE Class 12 Physics syllabus.|
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Newton’s Laws of Motion: It’s important to grasp how force, momentum, and kinetic energy originate from Newton’s laws to effectively tackle problems related to motion.
Work-Energy Theorem: Understanding the connection between work, kinetic energy, and potential energy is crucial for analyzing how energy changes in various situations.
Coulomb’s Law: It’s crucial to explore how electric field and potential arise from point charges to comprehend how electrostatic interactions work.
Electric Field due to charge distribution: Finding the electric field for common charge setups, such as dipoles or infinite sheets, is beneficial for practical applications.
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Ampere’s Law: Figuring out the magnetic field around a straight wire and solenoid provides valuable insights into the connection between current and magnetic field.
Faraday’s Law: Grasping how induced electromotive force (emf) is derived from Faraday’s law is crucial for examining electromagnetic induction and AC circuits.
Lenz’s Law: It’s crucial to figure out how to determine the direction of induced current through Lenz’s law to comprehend how electromagnetic devices behave.
Maxwell’s Equations: Getting to know the fundamental expressions of Maxwell’s equations will deepen your understanding of how electromagnetic interactions work.
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Law of Refraction: Understanding how Snell’s law is derived is crucial for explaining how light bends at interfaces and for analyzing the behavior of lenses.
Diffraction and Interference: Figuring out the derivations of the diffraction grating and Young’s double-slit equations is important for gaining insight into the wave nature of light.
Modern Physics
Photoelectric Effect: Understanding how to derive Einstein’s equation for the photoelectric effect establishes a connection between light energy and the emission of electrons.
Schrödinger’s Equation: Getting acquainted with the fundamental structure of Schrödinger’s equation provides the groundwork for comprehending the principles of quantum mechanics.

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