Bigg Boss 17 Day 16 Written Updates: Abhishek Kumar Showers Love On Khanzaadi And Not Isha Anymore | Television News

New Delhi: The strides have changed in the house. Until very recently, Abhishek had a soft corner for his former girlfriend Isha Malviya, who finally acknowledged Samarth Jurel as her current boyfriend.

No wonder, the dynamics of love are changing as fast as lightning in the house. The day started with Ankita and Isha getting into a fight, surprisingly, when Ankita lashed out on Sana for sleeping during the day. 

Thereafter, Navid playfully asked if Abhishek and Khanzaadi kissed last night. A crackling chemistry between Abhishek Pandey and Firoza Khan aka Khanzaadi was pretty evident. After crying copious tears for Isha, a googly-eyed and spirited Abhishek is seen following Khanzaadi, flirting with her. All the housemates notice their bond, especially Isha. While apologizing to Khanzaadi, Abhishek jokes that if he repeats his mistake, she should kiss him on the cheek. Is this Abhishek’s desperate attempt to make Isha jealous or he is genuinely trying to move on? Only time will tell. 

In an interesting turn of events, Bigg Boss called in Neil to discuss the situation of the house. Thereafter, Neil discussed most of it with his wife Aishwarya in a very surreal moment of their relationship. 

In another show of vulnerability, Abhishek confessed that he was really possessive for Isha and how he waited for her to come back after late-night parties. 

The first task of the season brings on a hustle and bustle for ration. The contestants in their frenzy for nabbing ration, paid no heed to the rules of the ration task and the instructions announced by the master of the house. Since Sana was chosen as the moderator of the task, Sana declared Mannara as the winner of the house. The house felt that Sana is being personally impartial to Ankita and tried to pressurise her to change her decision. Having had enough, Bigg Boss halted the task, leaving the contestants high and dry with no food for the week. 

With limited food supplies, Abhishek pushed Khanzaadi in the heat and was since then following her all around to be fogiven. Blooming lovebirds had a love moment where Bigg Boss asked Abhishek to apologize to Khanzaadi for the same. 

With ever-changing dynamics, the Bigg Boss house has lots to offer – drama, love, entertain and what not. Stay tuned for more fun. 


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