Home Technology Apple’s latest #shotoniPhone campaign is about Diwali mithai: All the details

Apple’s latest #shotoniPhone campaign is about Diwali mithai: All the details

Apple’s latest #shotoniPhone campaign is about Diwali mithai: All the details


From time to time — especially after the launch of new iPhones — Apple releases a #shotoniPhone campaign. To mark the occasion of Diwali, Apple commissioned photographer Porus Vimadalal to capture Diwali sweets. “Diwali sweets are edible works of art that celebrate life and delight the soul,” Apple posted on its official Instagram account. “Through still life imagery, I discover and capture the beauty of everyday objects,” Vimadalal said.
The photographer has aesthetically captured different Indian mithai. One image has hundreds of barfis stacked up against each other and actually looks like an art installation and not mithai. Another image has three laddoos on top of each other based on their size.
A Today at Apple session
Vimadalal is also hosting a Today at Apple session at Apple BKC in Mumbai. The session is scheduled for November 14 between 7.30 pm to 9 pm. The session is part of the Light Up Mumbai series which has been going on at Apple’s flagship store in Mumbai for the last few days. “Capture vibrant images of Diwali mithai on iPhone with award-winning photographer Porus Vimadalal. In the final session of our Light Up Mumbai Series, you’ll get creative to style, shoot and edit geometric compositions of mithai using everything iPhone has to offer,” reads the description about the session on Apple’s website.
Today at Apple sessions are free workshops and events hosted by Apple in their retail stores. These sessions provide hands-on learning experiences for customers on a variety of topics related to Apple products and creative skills. Participants can learn about photography, video editing, music production, coding, and more. These sessions are led by Apple Store employees as well as experts and professionals from other fields. The sessions are meant for customers to explore the full potential of their Apple devices

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