Worlds: Meta Horizon Worlds gets built-in chat feature in Quest mixed-reality headset

Meta has rolled out an update for its 3D social platform Horizon Worlds. The latest version 134 will bring chats to Horizon Worlds. With this update, Meta is also testing new ways to share photos with others. Apart from this, the latest update will also fix some bugs in the platform that are available for Quest headset users.
Chats on Meta Horizon Worlds: How will it work
To stay connected, Meta Questusers access chats which include private, one-to-one and group messages—to help stay connected.To keep those conversations going, Quest users will now be able to access chats from within the Worlds platform.
The chats sent from Horizon Worlds will be the same messages that appear across the Quest Platform. So users can pick up the conversation where they left off. This update will make it easier for users to stay in touch, plan hangouts and form groups.
Messaging on chats will be complementary to features like World Chat. This is a public, text-based chat experience for users who are in the same Worlds session.

However, chats are persistent and allow for private conversations that users can access later. From Worlds, users will be able to access chats via their profile, social panel and even world chat.
When users are done with chatting, Quest headsets will allow them to click the “Back to Horizon Worlds” option. Chats will be available while exploring Worlds in VR as well as on mobile and the web. However, some people may not see chats right away as the company continues to roll out this feature.

Other improvements and bug fixes
With this update, the company is also testing a new feature that highlights the photos that people share publicly with the world. If a shared photo is approved by the world’s Creator, it may appear in Horizon Feed to help other people discover more popular destinations to explore.
This update also fixes some bugs including one where user names were cropped and overlapped with other user cards in the People tab in the Horizon Menu. The update also fixed the issue related to photo cards which made it challenging for users to grab or close out of them.

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