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Windows 11 coming on October 5: But you will have to wait for one of its biggest features

Microsoft will start rolling out Windows 11 from October 5. But you will need to wait to get support for Android apps– considered as one of the biggest features in Windows 11. As per Aaron Woodman, general manager of Windows marketing, Microsoft will preview Android app support in the coming months and access will be restricted to Windows Insiders only.
“We look forward to continuing our journey to bring Android apps to Windows 11 and the Microsoft Store through our collaboration with Amazon and Intel; this will start with a preview for Windows Insiders over the coming months,” said Woodman in an official blog post.
Windows 11 was announced earlier and was only available to select users who were a part of the Windows Insider program. On October 5, all eligible PCs will get Windows 11 update for free while laptops preloaded with Windows 11 will be also available.
When Microsoft launched Windows 11 earlier, it talked a lot about supporting Android apps. The company showcased app compatibility by running a live instance of TikTok on stage. Now, running Android apps on Windows 11 PCs may sound cool but in reality it may not be that exciting. The reason is simple. Just because Windows 11 will support certain apps doesn’t mean you will get access to the entire range of Android apps hosted by Google on the Google Play store. In fact, Google has nothing to do with Windows 11’s Android app compatibility.
For Windows 11, Microsoft has partnered with Amazon. This will enable Windows 11 users to access Android apps through the Amazon App store. While it’s a big step for Microsoft to provide Android app support for the first time on PC it will not be something that will blow you away. Using the Amazon App store for Android apps on Windows 11 PCs means that you will not have access to the entire range of popular Android apps. So, there are chances that your favourite Android apps and games may not be available on Windows 11 PC. Also, there is no clarity yet as to what kind of apps and how many apps will be available on Microsoft’s new app store for Windows 11.

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