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Want To Make Something Interesting For Family? This Uttapam Pizza Recipe Is At Your Disposal

Uttapam pizza recipe is a must-try.


  • Looking for a unique recipe to surprise your family?
  • This uttapam pizza will surely please everyone.
  • Here’s an easy recipe to make it at home.

Weekends are mostly cheat days for everyone. The joy of freedom and no-stress feeling is doubled in the company of indulgent food. Which guilt-ridden food you and your family most crave for on such days? We are sure most of the answers will have ‘pizza’. Even the ones thinking of some other foods, certainly won’t mind having pizza as an alternative. But if you want to stick to homemade, healthier meals even during the weekend, we have a great option for you that will please your family and you as well.

We have a fusion pizza that combines both health and taste, along with the familiarity of ingredients that will appease the elders in the family too. Uttapam pizza recipe makes the bold move of brining the best of two different worlds together and surprisingly, succeeds too. South Indian uttapam has forever been our one of the topmost choice. It is healthy and highly flavouful. And Italian pizza always has our heart with its cheesy toppings.

Uttapam pizza brings the best elements of uttapam by the way of its soft, heathy base and the best feature of pizza – cheese, of course. The topping of veggies are common to both so we’ll give credit to both the dishes for it. To make uttapam pizza, you have to make sooji batter for uttapam the usual way. Just when you are cooking it on tawa, sprinkle veggies and lots of cheese on it, along with common pizza dressing.


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Uttapam Pizza Recipe:

Click here to view the step-by-step recipe of uttapam pizza.


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