Vision Pros: This is how Apple’s new patent wants to ‘change’ Vision Pro’s external display

Apple is expected to start shipping its first-ever mixed reality headset, the Vision Pro, in the coming weeks. Now, a new patent related to the AR/VR headset that was submitted by the company has been granted. The latest patent details how the company is planning to use the Vision Pro’s external display to show what the user is looking at inside the device.
How Apple is planning to ‘change’ Vision Pro’s external display
According to a report by Patently Apple, the latest patent that mentions Jony Ive as an inventor details ways how an outside screen on a generic head-mounted display could be used to indicate what the user is seeing for people around them.
However, it’s important to note that the patent isn’t specifically about the Vision Pro and its “EyeSight” display feature. Yet, it suggests that some of the ideas here may be included in the final headset.

For example, Apple has already discussed how the outer screen on the Vision Pro can let outsiders see the eyes of the person wearing the headset. The headset may also display a colourful pattern that indicates the user is fully immersed in VR.
The pictures shared in the patent details how an external display could be used for other usages, like displaying the weather, sunglasses on user’s face, a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign, or even replacing the wearer’s eyes with Zoom icons.
It is also important to note that Apple being granted a patent doesn’t necessarily mean that these ideas will show up in the Vision Pro or other Apple headsets. Moreover, replacing the user’s eyes with Zoom icons can be inconvenient for users. For example, in situations when they’re at an important work meeting with their Vision Pro can become a problem for the users and the people around them.

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