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Valentine Week 2021: Romantic ways to celebrate Promise Day with your loved ones | Culture News

New Delhi: On the 5th day of the romantic Valentine Week comes along Promise Day (Feb 11). It’s a day when lovers commit to each other by making meaningful promises and vows. Promises are the foundation of any relationship as it shows people are willing to put commitment and effort into the bond. So, go ahead and tell your loved ones you promise to love them forever and to always be there for them! Want to go a mile further and make this day extra special? We have a few ideas for you.

Here are ways to celebrate promise day with your loved ones and strengthen your relationship:

Write a list of vows: Channel your inner writer and jot down a list of promises you’d make to your lover. Ask them to do the same and then exchange lists. The beauty of this is that piece of paper will help you express yourself in ways you haven’t before. After exchanging, you can read each other’s lists aloud as a fun exercise. 

Promise ring: The perfect symbol of commitment in a relationship – a promise ring! Get yourself a pair of promise rings to celebrate all the wonderful days to come in your relationship. The ring doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, it could be a plain ring as what matters more is the meaning the ring holds. So, if you like them then you better put a ring on them!

Matching bracelets: Tokens of love such as rings and bracelets can be a comforting presence when lovers are far from each other. A matching bracelet symbolises a similar message as a promise ring. 

Make a slideshow or video: Yes, it’s romantic to write a note to your lover but why not try a more visual approach? Collect a bunch of pictures and create a video illustrating the promises you want to make to your partner. They could be meaningful or downright silly, adding both is a good idea though. Watching the effort you put in the pictures, music and promises will surely light up your partner’s eyes and make them smile.


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