Home Sports “To See Someone From India Bowling Over 150…”: Brett Lee’s Praise For Mayank Yadav

“To See Someone From India Bowling Over 150…”: Brett Lee’s Praise For Mayank Yadav

“To See Someone From India Bowling Over 150…”: Brett Lee’s Praise For Mayank Yadav


Former Australian pace sensation Brett Lee praised the new Indian star pacer Mayank Yadav performing in the Indian Premier League for Lucknow Super Giants. Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) pacer Mayank Yadav made his Indian Premier League (IPL) debut with a bang, troubling batters with his fiery pace, hitting the 150 kmph plus mark consistently.

“Firstly it was great to see him bowl that pace. Unfortunately last night his pace went down at 135 and he went off going injured. So, I think he has got a strain maybe on the side but that happens in sports sometimes. You get injured but I am wishing him a speedy recovery and hopefully getting back and bowling fast again but to see someone from India bowling over a 150 Ks was super exciting,” said Brett Lee while speaking to ANI.

Mayank clocked 156.7 kmph during the game and bowled the fastest delivery in the ongoing edition and overall the fourth fastest in the history of the entire tournament.

During LSG’s win over GT, Mayank’s bowling was much-anticipated by fans, who were impressed with the bowler’s pace, line and length. He was hitting 150 kmph consistently. But in the GT clash, Mayank looked a little off, barely able to touch 140 kmph and was hit for three boundaries. After delivering his only over, Mayank walked off the field.

“Definitely, I keep saying fast bowlers unfortunately get injured. Its part of the game I have been injured so many times playing sport but you have to take the good with the bad and you have to make sure that you take your body into a situation that you feel comfortable and you can play through pain. There is good pain and bad pain but my advice to him would be to keep doing what you are doing. Making sure that you action is as sound as possible and thats what has helped me carry through my career. I made sure I did the extra bit and work. Work on my body and the hardest thing you are doing is not the opponent that you are up against, it is your own body. So, he is only young and I don’t want to put too much pressure on him. Let the guy relax. I keep saying Aaram se, aaram se, relax, take it easy. You will be fine,” said Brett Lee.

Fans will soon see the Australian speedster in action once again when the 2003 World Cup-winning team member will compete in the World Championship Of Legends.

WCL is a premier cricket league approved by the England and Wales Cricket Board and co-owned by Bollywood actor Ajay Devgn. The league’s matches will be hosted at the Edgbaston ground in Birmingham, promising an exhilarating display of cricketing talent.

“Firstly it’s great to be here. WCL is going to be a lot of fun. Ofcourse that adrenaline, that passion will still come out and that’s a thing we are getting older. We still have that passion to play for our country and you know the names that we are going to come up against are absolutely incredible. Looking forward to get bowling again is going to be a lot of fun,” said Brett Lee.

Puneet Singh has acquired the Australia Champions team in the World Championship Of Legends in which Brett Lee will be playing. The Aussie will be up against the likes of Yuvraj Singh, Harbhajan Singh, Kevin Pietersen, Ian Bell and many other players against whom he has competed before.

“Its funny because when you play against these guys for 20 years you obviously have those battles on the field but the great thing I guess that I have been fortunate is that I have made a lot of friendships on the field. I think about guys from India who used to play against Yuvraj Singh obviously teammate when we used to play for Punjab Kings. I have played against Bhajji. So, looking forward to play against him as well, Kevin Pietersen, Ian Bell is going to be a lot of fun as well. So, as I say this there is that passion when you walk at the field and even though when we are now retired from this beautiful game cricket. Once we go at Edgbaston come July 3. Looks like its going to be a lot of fun,” said Brett Lee.

“Sports has always been my greatest passion, which is why I took up the opportunity to be part of Punjab De Sher team in CCL. A similar passion was the drive behind being a part of WCL by owning Australia Champions. The concept of WCL is excellent, England as the venue is fantastic, our team is exceptionally strong, and our enthusiasm for cricket knows no bounds,” quoted Australia Champions owner Puneet Singh.

“Definitely when we were planning WCL one thought process we had was to have the bestest of the stars. So, when we talk about star power. Obviously, they are the biggest but at the same time, we should have a squad that is very competitive. The concept that we have is that we don’t have just retired players but the players that we have players that are not signed with the respective cricket boards as well. So, that gives the chance for making the team which is full of experience with someone like Brett who still have that thing of swinging in and out and getting some players who are still not signed with the board making a very strong squad,” said WCL CEO Harshit Tomar.

Mitchell Starc who was bought for a staggering Rs 24.75 crore by Kolkata Knight Riders, the most expensive in the history of IPL auction till date, has managed to take only two wickets in three matches he has played so far this season putting the left arm pacer under pressure to excel with the amount he got. But Lee feels that pressure is on every athlete who is playing.

“I think everyone is under pressure. It depends on what you do. You are obviously under pressure to do your deadline and what you have to do with work. It is all relative to what you do. It is the same with WCL. We are going to go and play the best possible cricket and the best brand of cricket we possibly can because we showcase our talent and even though the guys are slightly older that competition and that camaraderie are still going to be there. We want to put on a spectacle to the crowd and the crowd is going to love it because they will know all the names and faces and that battle will still be there. Everyone is going to be under pressure but you have to enjoy and the reason why you are a professional athlete is because you are getting paid to be a professional athlete and do it to the best possibly you can,” said Brett Lee.

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