Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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The most expensive Apple Watch has ‘surprised’ Apple, here’s how

The Titanium Apple Watch Series 6, which happens to be the most expensive Apple Watch in the market, is no longer available for purchase in the US. The Titanium Apple Watch, which starts at $799 in the US, has sold out faster than even Apple expected, as per a report by Bloomberg.
Apple could restock the Titanium model but since the new Apple Watch could launch in September and due to the Titanium version being the costliest, this may not happen and the Titanium Series 6 is most likely gone from the market for a long time. Apple may likely not restock it. However, Apple has not yet confirmed any such speculations. It might be the case that since people have expressed such an interest in the costliest version of the smartwatch, Apple may get to produce more of it later, after the upcoming Apple Watch is revealed. Or else, the company might think about investing in a Titanium Apple Watch Series 7 to be the more judicious idea. The stainless steel model of the Apple Watch Series 6, however, is still available for purchase and starts at $749. Be it the Apple Watch Series 6 or Series 7, the Titanium versions are still far away.
Apple is expected to unveil the Series 7 smartwatch along with the iPhone 13 series in September this year which is less than a month away. As per a recent report by DigiTimes, Apple is serious about increasing the battery size of the iPhones, iPads and MacBooks. The report claims that it might just try to do the same by decreasing the size of the other internal components to make space for the bigger size of the batteries. The tech giant reportedly plans to do that by significantly increasing the adoption of IPDs or Integrated Passive Devices for the peripheral chips used in its products.

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